Why is it so much harder to sing once that red light comes on?

Enough with the disappointment and stress.

This mini-course will teach you how to bring your best singing to the mic with musical, physical, & mental training strategies so that you can get the vocals you've been dreaming about, whether you're recording in studio or at home.

Lauching in March 2022 for a neat $27.

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Recording vocals is such a huge challenge as a singer. I would get so excited & nervous that I didn't sing as well as I could, & I'd end up wasting time editing, and trying to piece a take together. It was painful! Mari hit a reset button for me. Yes, she's a great coach, & she's also an artist and I think that makes a huge difference. She gave me that edge so that I know I can do a great job & get that memorable, emotional vocal that shows the best of what I can do.