Hey, I'm Mari Rosa and my mission is to make you the best, most joyful singer possible.

Get ready for a step-by-step plan to make progress, stay motivated, & have a blast singing.

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Hey, I'm Mari Rosa and my mission is to make you the best, most joyful singer possible.

You're ready to make progress, stay motivated like never before, and have a blast with your singing.

Work With Me

Singing Your Heart Out Should Not Be A Mystery

Without the practical skills you need to grow a strong singing voice, you may find yourself struggling with:

  • vocal fatigue and hoarseness
  • tension, discomfort, and pain
  • cracking, limited vocal range, & vocal weakness
  • shyness that you can't get a dependable result when you sing
  • frustration when vocal challenges become vocal roadblocks

You don't have to fake it til you make it. I will give you actionable steps to connect with your vocal essence, root your voice in joy & balance, & outsmart the problems that hold you back.

Here's How I Can Help You

Fireside Voice Academy

How much talent do you have hiding within? This 8 week course will connect you with the power, beauty, & the thrill of your own unique singing voice. This step-by-step system includes bi-weekly coaching calls & a carefully curated bundle so you can kick trial-and-error to the curb.

Next registration opens March 2022.

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Record Your Best Vocals - 90 minute mini course

It can be hard to get in the right headspace for recording vocals, whether you're recording in a studio, or at home. I will teach you how to bring your A-game with musical, mental, & physical strategies to get vocals you're proud of.

Show Me the Mini Course

One-on-One Coaching

I offer one-on-one personal coaching online, on a space-available basis. I will provide you with specific, actionable feedback on how to improve your voice, as an expert who has worked with 500+ individual students including Emmy award winners and Grammy nominees. 

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If I cannot fly, let me sing. -Stephen Sondheim

Claire S., singer/pianist

"This is probably the best my voice has ever sounded. My range was just through the roof. An amazing time and a really great experience, I highly recommend!"

Sidney B., tech entrepreneur

"She gave me a really smooth on-ramp to singing so that it didn't feel like I was crawling over a mountain before I got started. The biggest surprise came a few months ago when several different people told me, "Wow, you have an amazing voice!" 

Mark B., college student, singer-songwriter

She really taught me how to use my voice well, and really pushed me to my fullest potential. Her lessons were really enjoyable, they’re really creative, innovative, interactive, and she’s just an amazing person. I promise you you will improve so much after working with her and you will have a great time always.

Hey! I'm Mari Rosa and my mission is to help you sing like you've always wanted to.

I'm not your run-of-the mill vocal coach. I've sung in countries all around the world with Grammy, Latin Grammy and Emmy award winners, taught in NYC, Paris, and at Berklee College of Music(among others), and have been sharing my love for music with others since childhood! My students include artists on major and independent record labels, Grammy nominees & Emmy-award winners, as well as total beginners! Along this journey to discovering our most beautiful sound as singers, it brings me so much joy when you find yours - whether that be through learning how to sing your favorite songs -or your originals- with freedom, expression, and joy!

Discover My Journey

Your best performances are closer than you think

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Can I get a witness?  

Hear about my students' success in their own words

Vincent S., actor & engineer

"What she taught me has been incredible! I've gone from an absolute beginner to a singer! I recommend her a thousand times over!

Angie K., event planner

"I've gained so much confidence in my singing thanks to Mari and I'm so happy! You will see that you have fun and make enormous progress when you study with her."

John M., director

"Starting as a completely untrained beginner, thanks to Mari Rosa I've released three well-received albums! I now know that the most important thing a great teacher can pass on is the belief that, "You can do it!" Thanks to Mari's vocal technique & sensitivity, I did it!"

Have fun and live out loud

 You don't need a music degree to come groove with us. Join me and let out your inner vocalist in the Fireside Voice Academy where you can find freedom, joy, beauty, and flexibility through letting your voice loose!

Take Me to Fireside

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A cup of singing tips, a dash of fun, and a sprinkle of motivation, delivered to your inbox. 

Don't miss a beat!

A cup of singing tips, a dash of fun, and a sprinkle of motivation, delivered to your inbox.